80RR (The Fintech Hub of Singapore): Startup & Tech Scene in Singapore


Organised by UBS, a team of sovereign funds from Bahrain, UAE, France, Switzerland, China, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia visited the startup / tech scene here in Singapore.

Eddie was part of the team who played host to them at the ‘Silicon Valley of Singapore’ visiting Block 71, 79, showcasing the facilities, interacting with the community at the heart of the startup scene of Singapore and visited the co-working space at Bash and Pollinate. And congratulations to the companies who managed to secure an elevator pitch in front of a $500 billion dollars funds (combined).

Returning back to 80RR (The Fintech Hub of SG), we also shared about the work we do at the Singapore Fintech Association and we certainly hope to spur the interests of the delegates for our Fintech and Startups companies here in Singapore.