Introducing the SeedIn Credit Scoring System

You Speak, We Listen!
Based on members feedback, we understand that a majority of our users would like to have something easier to understand when it comes to analysing deals factsheets, as not everybody is familiar with financial jargon. Hence, our credit and I.T team have worked together tirelessly to come up with a Proprietary credit scoring system. For you, our valued members.

Introducing SeedIn Credit Scoring System

SeedIn’s Proprietary credit scoring system is a bid to make assessment of factsheets easier for our users. The system will be constantly improved as more and more data are collated consistently.

How does it impact you?
Seedin Credit Scorecard is designed with clarity in mind to allow members to better analyse deals factsheets at a glance. Which translates to less hassle and more efficiency for our users like you! The scorecard is by no means meant to sway your investment decision towards making an investment. It is a report based strictly on neutral assessment.

How it works

SeedIn Credit Scorecard uses a method that looks at vital data points from all the relevant documents obtained from borrowers. All the data from eg. Company ACRA, shareholders ID, bank statements to IRAs corporate tax reports, credit bureau ratings etc. are vetted, assessed and input into the system to generate the scorecard. With the final generated score, members can have an overview sensing of the credit status of the SME before deciding whether to drill in further into the factsheet or not.

1. Automated Scoring – Deals with credit score of  1 – 4 will automatically be rejected.
2. Any deals with the score of 5 and above will be analysed by our credit assessment team
3. Worthy SMEs will be brought to Credit Review Committee’s attention for final decision of approval/ rejection.

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