Dashboard Enhancements: Helping You Track Your Invested Funds with Ease

We are delighted to share with you some enhancements that we have added to your dashboard which would help you track your invested funds easily.

In your dashboard, under ‘My Investments’, there are a few blue buttons:
1) Loan Schedule
2) Loan Statement
3) Repayment Record
4) Contract
5) Factsheet

In this article, we will focus on the first 3 buttons, circled in red.

Firstly, let’s look at the dashboard of a fictional investor named John Doe (below).

Circled in green are the Invested Funds and Outstanding amount. These 2 figures shown will decrease as John receives back his repayments (in the form of principal) either every month, or at the last month of investment tenure.

For this example, John will only get back the principal amount in the last month. Let’s take a look at his Loan Schedule.


Loan Schedule

The Loan Schedule is where it shows the repayment plan every month until the end of Tenure. As shown in the picture below, he will receive interest every month. In the last month of tenure, he will receive interest + principal (S$13.34 + S$2000.00).

Now, let’s look at his Loan Statement.


Loan Statement

John invested $2,000.00 in a deal in October 2018. The interest due to be paid to him by the end of the 3 months tenure is $40.00. By the end of the deal tenure, he should receive back a total of $2,040.00 (refer to image below, shown under Balance).

In November 2018, John receives a repayment from the deal:

  1. Interest Repayment: $13.33

The Balance amount is then updated to $2,026.67.

In Dec 2018, John receives a repayment again from the deal, and subsequently in Jan 2019, the final repayment of interest and principal amount invested:

The Balance and Outstanding amount is then updated to $0.00.

Lastly, let’s look at his Repayment Record.


Repayment Record

The Repayment Record contains additional remarks from the Admin regarding the repayment, whether it is paid, on which day or if payment is late.


We hope all these little enhancements on the dashboard will help make your investing journey with us an enjoyable one. If you have any feedbacks, please do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected].