FinTech Talent Programme – Introduction to Fintech

Photo credits: Chia Hock Lai, President of Singapore FinTech Association

Over a course of 2 months, working professionals gathered at Singapore’s first ever practitioner-led FinTech Talent Programme, which was a joint collaboration between Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore Polytechnic, with industry experts from 10 different sub-sectors of FinTech sharing valuable insights on their expertise.

As an introduction to FinTech, Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) working in the financial industry were exposed to a broad spectrum of the FinTech world, consisting of Payments, Lending, Wealth Management, Trade Finance, Insurance-Tech, Blockchain, Trade Finance, FinTech VC, Banking IT and Banking Innovation.

Eddie Lee, our Group CEO, shared on Alternative Financing, covering a wide range of topics, such as the Alternative Financing landscape in today’s world, and its potential traction in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, where Eddie further elaborated on Singapore’s ranking in the APAC region, and how the China market impacts the industry outlook when placed in comparison with the rest of APAC region.

Sharing his insights as a practitioner in the Alternative Financing sector, Eddie also shared the roles that Alternative Financing practitioners play when it comes to solving the problem of supply-and-demand more efficiently. With a wide overseas presence, it is always one of SeedIn’s missions to be the bridge to the rest of Pan Asia, reaching out to businesses and individuals via technology and financing solutions.

It is the collaborative effort of many significant parties that mark the success of the first of such meaningful programme. Alongside Eddie Lee, Group CEO of SeedIn Holding, the FinTech Talent Programme was graced by numerous heavyweight FinTech practitioners, such as (but not limited to) Alvin Wong from SamsungPay, Chandrima Das from Bento, Daphne Ng and Eric Wong from JEDTrade, Tomasz Kurczyk from AXA, Branson Lee from Blockchain Foundry, Janet Young from UOB, Igor Pesin from Life.Sreda and Chew Yu Sing from Sagefintech.