Joni Lim - Part 2


"It can be courageous to quit, and know when to move on.”

A failure never marks an end, but always signify the start of something new. It is only when you accept failures, that you are able to see new opportunities for development.

Joni Lim, Managing Director and Founder of Prominent Land, ventured into her second business, property development, an industry which was foreign to her. However, she did not fear the unknown. It became a new challenge to embark on.

With a positive burst of energy and confidence, her second venture founded a new focus and direction in Joni’s life.


About Prominent Land

Prominent Land is a land developer with the vision to make a prominent difference to the way people live, work and play, by creating extraordinary living spaces and inspiring landmarks. Prominent Land collaborates closely with a dedicated team of like-minded architects, interior designers and real estate marketers who has an eye for details.

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